BC Bonsai is having a harvesting workshop on March 18th at its nursery in Paw Paw, Il.  Lunch provided for those who register ahead.


Come and harvest a field grown tree of your choice, help and instruction are available. Once the tree is harvested, you can pot the tree in a nursery pot that is right for training your tree.


The cost will be $20 and up depending on the tree that you pick. Most trees are under $75 and many have had some preliminary work done to them.  Ask us about our specials.


You have a choice of several varieties of juniper, Japanese black, white and red Pines, Scotts pines, Crab apples, flowering pears, elms, cedars, lilacs, ginkgos, birch, yews, and many other varieties. To sign up see Linda or Jim or call 630-690-0404 or 630-386-1515.