BC Bonsai


Well fall has arrived with a vengence. Hopefully you got all of your "tropicals" inside. Our tropical trees seem to like being inside as many are now blooming! Be sure to treat them with a funguscide. A lot of our neighbors trees are suffering with fungus and we do not want to bring the fungus in with our trees.

We used the "professional" bait traps and ground up caster beans to get rid of the vole infestation that we had in the spring. They ate all of the roots off of the hostas and yucas that we had in the yard, about 3 dozen plants in all. We are going thru a second round of caster bean treatment to make sue that they are not just hiding somewhere and getting ready to attack our hardy trees when we put them away for the winter.

We are all stocked up with plenty of (dare I say it?) Christmas presents. The weather makes it seem that the holidays are coming soon.