<html> <body lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=blue style='tab-interval:.5in'> <BODY BGCOLOR=ffffc"> <title>BCBonsai</title> <meta name="description" content="bonsai,supplies,lessons"> <meta name="keywords" content=" Bonsai,tools,soil,pots,classes,workshops,lessons,wire,fertilizers,insecticides"> <img src="bcheader.gif" width="100%" <div class=Section1> <v:formulas> <v:f eqn="if lineDrawn pixelLineWidth 0"/> <v:f eqn="sum @0 1 0"/> <v:f eqn="sum 0 0 @1"/> <v:f eqn="prod @2 1 2"/> <v:f eqn="prod @3 21600 pixelWidth"/> <v:f eqn="prod @3 21600 pixelHeight"/> <v:f eqn="sum @0 0 1"/> <v:f eqn="prod @6 1 2"/> <v:f eqn="prod @7 21600 pixelWidth"/> <v:f eqn="sum @8 21600 0"/> <v:f eqn="prod @7 21600 pixelHeight"/> <v:f eqn="sum @10 21600 0"/> </v:formulas> <v:path o:extrusionok="f" gradientshapeok="t" o:connecttype="rect"/> <o:lock v:ext="edit" aspectratio="t"/> </v:shapetype><v:shape id="_x0000_i1025" type="#_x0000_t75" style='width:459pt; height:99pt'> <v:imagedata /> </p> <font face="andy"> <p><font size = "+3"> <p <st1:State w:st="on">We are</st1:State> minutes from <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:City w:st="on">Chicago</st1:City>, <st1:State w:st="on">Illinois</st1:State></st1:place><o:p></o:p></span></p> </font> </span></p> <p class=MsoNormal><font size = "+2"><a href="hardytreelist.html">Outdoor Bonsai trees</a><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="tropicaltreelist.html">Indoor Bonsai trees</a><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="accessories.html">Pots,tools,soil,etc</a><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="calender.html">Calendar & workshops</a><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="photogallery1"> photo gallery</a><span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="notes.html">bonsai-chat</a> <span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span><a href="links.html">links</a></p> <p class=MsoNormal>At BC Bonsai, the art of bonsai is our passion. We are not a garden or landscaping business. We only do bonsai and have unique bonsai and pre-bonsai trees on hand for your enjoyment. We are becoming nationally known for our field grown pre-bonsai </p><p> </p><p> <font size = "+4" " color=33FFFF"> </p><p> It is SHOW TIME! The Prairie State Show is August 4th & 5th At the Morton Arboritum and the Midwest show is the 17th, 18th & 19th at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Come and see the great trees on display, Take a workshop and learn new techniques, and stock up on trees and supplies available from the many vendors that will be there. Shows are a great way to network with other hobbiests and have a great time. </p><p> NEW------If you aready have one of the workshop trees you can bring it to the workshop for design and refinement. The cost will be just $15 for the workshop. </p><p></p><p> A new workshop schedule has been posted on the calendar. All workshops are on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to noon. Flyers are posted for each workshop. Call 630-690-0404 or 630-386-1515 to reserve a spot. </p><p> </font> <p><font size = "+2"> <font face="andy" color= "black"> </p><p> <font size = "+4" " color=DD0000"> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p></p><p> Bonsai Master Class with Ivan Watters new dates are listed on the calendar (see bio). <a href=Ivan2018.pdf> (see bio)</a>. </p><p> </p><p> Call BC Bonsai at 630-386-7585 to sign up for this series of Saturday afternoon classes. See the calendar for more details. </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </font> <p><font size = "+2"> <font face="andy" color= "black"> <p>BC Bonsai is the largest dealer of bonsai and supplies in the Chicago area. BC Bonsai has thousands of bonsai and pre bonsai trees, hundreds of bonsai pots, a large inventory of bonsai tools and wire (copper and Aluminum). Plus we have a veriety of bonsai soils and chemicals specifically intended for bonsai. We have a collection of bonsai books and bonsai magazines for sale. We also have a bonsai and pre bonsai nursery in Paw Paw, Il. There BC Bonsai has several thousand bonsai and pre bonsai trees, some pre bonsai are in pots and the rest are growing in the ground. Most bonsai trees offered are grown in our greenhouse or our nursery. Their bonsai training varies from advanced styling to basic shaping - ready for you to style in a bonsai design of your own. We have over 7,000 pre bonsai trees from which to choose. Please check our Outdoor bonsai and indoor bonsai listings. </p><p> We offer bonsai tools ranging from economical beginers tools and sets to high quality professional bonsai tools. We also offer a selection of bonsai pots ranging from plastic and ceramic training pots to pots from some of the top artists Please check our listings. If you do not see the item or variety of bonsai you desire, please call us we may have it or we can get it for you.</p><p> </p><p> We offer bonsai classes, workshops, private lessons and group get-to-gathers. See our calendar for upcoming events. See the Photogallery for the Japanese Balck pine bonsai workshop pictures. <font size = "+3"> <P>CONTACT INFORMATION </p><p> <p> We are open by appointment only. Please contact us at (630)386-7585 or at <a href=mailto:jbpuofm@aol.com> BC Bonsai</a>. </font> <p><font size = "+2"> <p><p> <p> We are easily accessable from Chicago. The nursery is about <p> an hour west of Chicago. We invite you to come visit BC Bonsai for the best selection of bonsai and bonsai starters. <p> <font size = "+3"> <p>Come out to our nursery for free leasons and training on bonsai techniques. </font> <p><p>Every March and April we hold pre bonsai Harvesting workshops on weekends at the BC Bonsai nursery. <p><p> Though out the summer you can come out to the nursery and work on the development of as many trees as you would like. Then you can come back in the early spring to harvest only those trees that you like. No one else will make that offer. <p> <font size = "+2"> <p> <p> CALL US AND WE CAN TELL YOU ABOUT THE SELECTION OF TREES WE HAVE <p> The BC Bonsai PHOTO GALLERY WILL BE EXPENDED TO INCLUDE TREES, POTS, TOOLS, AND THE NURSERY. <P> </font> <img src="hydrng.gif" width="30%"><span><img border=0 width=259 height=288 src="nursery.jpg" v:shapes="_x0000_i1027"> <p><p> Prize winner Hydrangia<span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span> <span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span> <font color="ffffc"> 1234567890 </font> nursery in 2014 </p><p> <span style='mso-spacerun:yes'> </span> </p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p> <p class=MsoNormal>BC Bonsai</p> </div> </body> </html>